A New Intro

img_0161I am not entirely sure when I started this blog site, but it has been a few years. In that time, many things have changed. I was living in Moncton, New Brunswick when I first started a WordPress blog. I had ambitions of working in an inbound call center, which I eventually abandoned after I realized that a very small percentage of the population has the personality type to handle that kind of work. I certainly do not have the personality type to handle any kind of call center work for long. It looks easy, but it is incredibly stressful and I don’t handle that kind of stress well. I then decided I wanted to teach English as Second Language and got a teaching certificate to do so. That lead me to moving back to Ontario where I worked in a school in Toronto for one summer. It is one of the top schools in Toronto and cracking their lineup is not easy. Come September they merely said they didn’t have any work for me and I abandoned that dream as well. 

I wound up on Social Assistance, which is where I should have stayed in the first place. I am a person with sufficient disabilities that working full time, or even carrying a part time job ranges from difficult to impossible. Most of the time when I attempt to work, I wind up frustrating my employer and causing more problems for the employer than if I had not bothered. I am currently on ODSP, which is Ontario’s disability benefit program. It is the right place for me at this point in time.

This past summer had unique challenges. I decided to move to Mississauga to be closer to my Home Church (small group study connected with my church). That worked for about five weeks until the lady who owns the house where I rented a room decided it wasn’t working out for me and she evicted me. I was clearly not a good fit for the house because, unlike the other occupants, I do not smoke, drink, or use recreational drugs. While all I wanted was a place to park my carcass, she had other plans for my somewhat expansive human coil. When it became clear that I was not of a mind to join her exercise programs or any other “fix me” ideas she had for me, she decided I was not a good fit. I agreed and fled her domicile. 

That led me back to right-wing David’s place, where I had been living for three years. David and I have been friends for about thirty years. We like each other, but agree on almost nothing. He is a charitable soul and I have learned much from him about dealing with others who I do not agree with, but his house had also become unmanageable for me. It is a renovated three-bedroom bungalow in Etobicoke, packed with seven people and a pit bull. Four of the seven were smokers. David has a resident alcoholic, and drug use is common. It just wasn’t the environment for me, but David allowed me to move back in while I searched for another place to live. 

The search in July involved a rather strange man called Streets who I met through a food bank in Mississauga. He seems nice enough at first, but as time progressed, I realized that living with him would be yet another mistake. As it turned out, our plans fell through. He rented a room in what turned out to be a sardine can in an upscale neighborhood. I refused to move in to the place and had to swallow $500 in rent money to extricate myself from the deal. At the end of July David had his next tenant moving in to the room which I had occupied so I began living in my truck. It lasted a week.

My older brother and my sister persuaded me to find a motel with a weekly rate and go there. I didn’t have much of a choice. My youthful fantasies of living like a hippie on the streets were dashed within a week when I realized that life in my SUV would be difficult — no, let’s be honest — impossible, for a 62 year old, overweight guy. At first, it was a bit of a buzz, but life soon became more than difficult and finding a place to sleep at night where the police would not harass me was an ongoing challenge. I never encountered a police officer, but was told that it could happen.

Eventually a friend dropped by the motel room and asked if I wanted to move in with him. He had been sharing a two-bedroom apartment with another guy who had decided to retire and move in with his ailing mother. I jumped at the chance and am now situated in decent apartment, close to my church, sharing with just one other person who does not smoke, drink, or use drugs. It is the best arrangement I have had in years and am quite happy here. I would be even happier if I could manage to lose weight so cleaning the apartment would be easier. I am on a journey and what is accomplished in one day may be significant, but it is what I accomplish over the long term that is more important.