Food File: September 21, 2017

When I created this blog page yesterday, I said that I would check in every Wednesday. Last night when I got home from my weekly midweek Bible study at my church, ironically called Big Fat Group (BFG) Home Church (it has nothing to do with weight), I was too tired to write anything, so my weekly updates will likely take place on Thursday mornings. My goal, though, is to consistently blog my journey with food. 

Wednesday nights can be the most challenging time of the week for me because BFG can have a lot of really delicious desserts offered at the start of the program. It is kind of a pot luck deal where volunteers decide what they want to bring, so there isn’t usually any consistency. Last season I badgered the leaders to include fresh fruit and/or vegetables, which eventually did happen, but I will be honest, if there is a platter of fresh fruit sitting beside a plate of to-die-for cookies or cake, I am still drawn to the sweet stuff over the healthy stuff. Well, last night I didn’t see any snacks, so I didn’t have my usual problem. I did get there early to help set things up, so I had an early supper which left me hungry by the end of the night. I swiped a slice of pepperoni pizza before I left. That was the first slice of pizza I have had in quite some time, and to be honest, I didn’t enjoy it.

This past week, I experienced some rather dark periods of depression, which are often dangerous times for me when it comes to food. When I am depressed, I am inclined to grab whatever is fast and easy to eat, such as tortilla chips or pizza and isolate in my room. I have found meal replacements, such as Boost, although I enjoy President’s Choice brand more than the other name brands, to be a great help when I just don’t feel like eating but I know that if I don’t eat something, I will regret it later because I will be hungry and eat stuff I shouldn’t. I am not tracking each meal, but I probably relied on these meal replacements this week to get me through those periods of depression when I would have gone for pizza or chips or some other unhealthy food. 

My blood sugar levels have remained consistently good in the 5-point-something range each day. I think one day it went above 6, but that is still pretty good. I am not a true diabetic – yet – but my grandmother was a Type 2 diabetic as was my father and both my brothers are diabetics, so the deck is stacked against me. 

One of the challenges I may accept this week is to eat the salad stuff in my fridge before it goes bad. I am not much of a salad person. I know they are good for me and people, like me, who need to lose weight should get into the habit of eating more salads, but well there is always an excuse or viable reason. 

Time for breakfast now.

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