Food File: October 6 2017

I know I am a day late this week in posting my Food File update. Food has not been my biggest problem this past week. I am still deep in a pit of depression. Most of the time I have little interest in food. In the past, that has been a problem because I have no interest in preparing good food, or buying good food to cook. All of a sudden, I realize I am hungry and grab whatever is handy and easy to eat. Almost always it will be something unhealthy. 

This week when I went to my Wednesday night Bible study, I decided to have two slices of pizza for supper. The snacks are getting better at the other end of the counter. There were some cupcakes, but I am not all that attracted to cupcakes, so I passed on them. There was an interesting snack that looked like it was made on a piece of celery, although it didn’t taste like celery. It seemed to be spiced tuna with a chopped veggies. I had a few pieces and quite enjoyed it, although I am still not entirely sure what I ate. There was pumpernickel bread and dip and I indulged in that too. 

Other than Wednesday night there weren’t any opportunities where I might have overeaten to binged on food that could be a problem. I skipped my Friday night Celebrate Recovery meeting due to depression. That was a bad choice, not with respect to food, but just a bad choice emotionally. I skipped breakfast on Sunday morning and wound up eating a number of Timbits (donut holes for non-Canadians) at church, which wasn’t really enough. 

Today will be somewhat busy with household chores. I will probably have a Boost meal replacement for breakfast as I am not really a breakfast person anyway. I am planning on spaghetti for lunch. I now use lean ground chicken instead of beef for my pasta sauce. Before I go to my Celebrate Recovery meeting tonight I will have 3 eggs with egg whites and a couple of slices of bread. After the meeting they serve healthy snacks and I usually have tortilla chips and salsa, and some cheese. 

Anyway, that’s my update for this week.

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