Food File: September 8 2018

Target Audience: Christians

So far this month I have lost just over 7 pounds. This week was somewhat disappointing because I lost a mere 1.7  pounds. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it back, but I always hope that I can do better. My actual goal is between 3 – 5 pounds per week consistently. In order for me to achieve that level of weight loss I will have to become much more active that I am now. I am older now, almost 64, and not nearly as mobile as I used to be. Even with my walker and a cane occasionally, I have trouble walking. Standing can be extremely painful, which means the faster I lose the weight the better. In balance, though, I want to avoid costly fad methods of losing weight or doing things that may work in the short term but will bite me later. 

This week I have decided to go “breadless” for at least one week. I don’t eat a lot of bread, but I must confess I add it to meals, like breakfast, where it isn’t really necessary. My usual breakfast is low-sodium bacon (2 strips), 2 large eggs, with some egg whites added in. I have been adding two slices of bread or toast under the scrambled eggs. It just adds carbs to a rather good breakfast. In time, I will likely substitute ham for bacon, or perhaps peameal bacon. 

Tonight I am having my homemade chili made with ground chicken. On Weight Watchers, this is a zero point meal, until I add parmesan cheese at the table. There is a danger with zero point foods. Weight Watchers zeroed out chicken and fish, all fruit and all vegetables. While that can be a good thing, it can also tempt people like me, when I make something that is particularly good or tasty to eat more than I should. The Free Style program at Weight Watchers (WW) is good and I am enjoying it, but portion control is still essential to losing weight, even with zero point foods. So, I will have two cups (measured) of my chili tonight. I buy Jello Fat-Free, Sugar-Free puddings. They have been a food savior for me in the past because they are very low calorie and low point value. I can eat half the serving for 2 points in the evening, which makes a sweet snack without triggering my urge for real sweet desserts. 

I also learned this week that Timbits, a Canadian favorite, are not my friends. At church last weekend they were giving away these caloric bombs. I figured they were probably 2 points each, so I had five of them. When I checked only the plain ones were 2 points. Others were as high as 5 points. The worst catastrophe of the week happened on Wednesday night. I had my usual bacon and eggs breakfast that morning, but decided to have a really light at lunch and only had two cobs of corn. That was zero points except for the margarine. Then at dinner I decided to make a salad adding tuna for my meat. Except for the parmesan cheese and the salad dressing, that too was a zero point meal. I went to my Wednesday night Bible study and had two cups of coffee. When I got home, though, I realized I was ravenous. I had acquired a package of Italian salami at a food bank this past week. I didn’t eat the whole package, but I ate most of it while watching TV. I tracked the points to the best of my ability and racked up 80 points for that day alone. 

I share those hiccups in my weight loss journey because losing weight can be a very lonely experience, even if you are part of an organization like WW. There will be days when you are on top of the world and everything is just flying by. Then there will be days when you do things, like I did this past week, that I knew were wrong for me, but I still ate the salami and the Timbits. If you are on this journey too, I have a nugget of wisdom that I got from a man much wiser than me. The last meal that you ate means nothing now. You can’t do anything about it, nor should you try. It is history, in the past, and will be nothing more than a bad memory. The meal that matters the most is the one ahead of you because you can do something about that. Weekends can be treacherous times, because that is when Friday nights happen, Saturday dinners with friends, and whatever  other places of temptation we encounter that don’t happen during the week. It does get better.

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