Why I Left Apple

Had you asked me a few years ago whether I would ever leave Apple, I would have suggested you need to grasp reality. I think my first Apple product was my iPhone 3 and I loved it. Next, I bought a Mac Mini. Once again, I loved it. It was so easy to use and I could boast that I didn’t even have a virus checker on my computer. I didn’t need one. Then, I bought an iPad 3rd generation. I was totally in the Apple world and so happy. Like most Apple users I accepted the limitations of Apple in exchange for the security their operating systems offered. 

Time passed. My Mac Mini was almost 10 years old and eventually it just died. At the end, I could not even load some web pages. Apple told me that is what happens when a device gets too old. I had no complaints really because I got almost 10 years out of it and for any computer that is pretty good. Then recently I noticed that my iPad would no longer accept updated apps. I knew it was time to let it go.

When I shopped for a new computer, I went right back to Apple initially, but the new Mac Mini was $1000 in Canada. It looked good but when I asked more questions I found out that I would have to spend another $100 or so on adapters so my peripherals would work. So, we were now heading to $1400. I then realized I could get a laptop for $1500, the new MacBook Air. Then the guy in the Apple store told me it was actually less powerful than the Mac Mini. Suddenly, Apple didn’t seem like such a good investment.

So, I went to Best Buy, looked at their PC laptops and bought one that is slightly more powerful than the Mac Mini for $300 less with double the flash drive storage. Yes, I am back in the PC world, but Apple just priced themselves out of my range, plus I came to the conclusion for the money they are charging, it just wasn’t worth it. When I bought my Mac Mini in 2009, it definitely was the best deal, but no more. Windows 10 may be porous, but with a good antivirus program, I should be okay.

The next item I wanted to change was my iPhone 6. There was nothing wrong with it. I replaced the battery in May and I had no other problems with it, but then I began to think about the appalling greed of Apple when it came to storage. They give you 5 gigabytes which seem to go very fast. Now there is a dispute about whether you can delete backups and data from your iCloud account. I have never been able to do that. I have called Apple on many occasions only to be told that there is nothing they can do to delete the information for security reasons. In reality, Apple is selling storage. Home users that would manage their iCloud accounts properly might never exceed the 5 gigs of data storage available to them, hence Apple wouldn’t be able to sell them additional storage. I have no problems with companies making money. They have to in order to stay in business and develop new and better products. I do have a problem with excessive greed particularly when they exploit their customers. This is what I believe Apple is doing with iCloud. 

So, I called my cell phone provider and asked about a $0 phone. There were a number of choices that were not Apple. According to a friend of mine, the only place in the world that Apple is number one is North America. In all other regions of the world Android is well ahead of Apple. I also found out that my iPhone 6 was worth money, so I sold it to a friend along with my iPad. I now own a Samsung Galaxy A5. I am still exploring it, but it does look like a step up from Apple. 

The next part of this saga is one of those mind bending, draining experiences that we often go through in life. I realized that if I am no longer in the Apple world, I no longer need my iTunes account. For security reasons, it is best to just delete the account and move on. So, I called Apple. If you are also thinking of closing your iTunes account, make sure you have spent every cent in the account. I was left with 17 cents, yup 17 cents and had to be transferred from tech support to iTunes support to have someone delete the 17 cents. Then, the tech in the iTunes department bounced me back to tech to finalize the transaction! It sounds pretty straightforward, but it took me hours to plow through both departments, waiting the phone. 

I am under no delusion. All major companies offer poor customer service. I am happy to be away from Apple.

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