Food File: November 22, 2018

Target Audience: Evangelical Christians

It’s been a while since I have posted to this file. Right now, I am cooking my boneless, skinless chicken breast for supper. This is a sign of growth and progress in my life. Oh, I have cooked many boneless, skinless chicken breasts in my life, but I have been going through an unusually high time of stress in my life. Normally, I would be sitting at my computer with a bag of tortilla chips, salsa, and a couple of tubs of sour cream. Not tonight, though. I have lost almost 30 pounds in the past three months at Weight Watchers. I have started working out at my local YMCA and I am starting to look really good again. Oh yes, I have been here in the past. 
There will always be times of stress, anxiety, and depression for me. Being a Christian does not insulate you from the emotional realities of life. Christians can be subject to abuse of all kinds. I will have more to say about abuse in another post, but abuse does relate to how I have eaten in the past and my relationship to food. I have always looked at food, particularly sugary desserts as comfort food. That is what my mother used, as did a lot of mothers of her generation, to comfor kids when we were sad, when we celebrated, when we were stressed, etc. When I was growing up, no one thought about long-term consequences, like being morbidly obese later in life. 
Times are different now. We know a lot more about nutrition and the negative impacts of sugar, sodium, and fat in our diets. Until recently, that never stopped me from indulging in my food drug of choice, usually donuts or chips of some kind. 
There is still a long road ahead for me. I may have lost about 30 pounds, but for me to really be in shape and healthy, I have to lose about another 170. That is such a large number. At the moment, my goal is to lose 60 pounds in six months. That number is much more attainable. I will take the next chunk when it happens.

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