I confess. I am a political junkie. I have been since 1968 when I followed a Liberal Party enumerator around as she registered people in our neighborhood to vote. My love of politics has changed over the years. I have an honors degree in Political Science and that fundamentally changed my perspective on political discourse. One of my friends firmly believes that I was a conservative before I went to university and came out a wild-eyed liberal. I have never been a conservative – ever. For most of my Christian life I attended conservative Baptist churches and my theology was very likely more conservative than moderate or liberal, but my political views have always been moderate to liberal.

An ideology is a set of beliefs that usually held in common with a collectivity, or a group of people. Like everyone else, I have an ideology that is unique to me. I share beliefs with different collectivities, which is why it is unique to me. In my mind, an ideologue is a person who uses ideology as a template of sorts to mask facts or relevant information that could confound a conclusion consistent with his or her ideology. I believe that government by ideology is always bad because an ideological government tends to make decisions based solely upon a particular ideology instead of assessing a situation from the perspective of the good of the nation. As much as possible, I try to reject a particular ideology and assess social and political issues from the perspective of the information that is available to me at any given point in time. 

I offer no apologies for my views, nor will I be cowed by rabid right-wing conservatives who “defend” their so-called beliefs by launching personal attacks against an individual, believing that if they degrade or demoralize another human being it somehow validates their beliefs. To be fair, rabid left-wing liberals can also be guilty of demoralizing or degrading people to allegedly “defend” their positions as being much more morally lofty and righteous than other positions on the political spectrum. 

Without a doubt I could devote the entire section to the lunacy of the current US government. It would be full of bizarre and unbelievable antics from the White House that, historically, no one in America could have ever imagined someone like Donald Trump would ever seize power and overthrow the American system of government. Far from draining the proverbial “swamp” as he called it, it is now on display for the entire world to see.