politicsPolitics is not just about government. The most common understanding of politics, though, is related to government and the people who stand for elections and serve in public office. A much broader understanding of politics embraces the relationships of power between individuals. This understanding embraces fields of study such as sociology, anthropology, philosophy, history, and political science. The most important thing to understand, though, is that politics is about people and power. 

This blog deals with politics on a more pedestrian level. It is more about how we feel about the changes to our world. How do we feel about President-elect Donald Trump, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Canada), Theresa May (UK), Angela Merkel (Germany), Vladimir Putin (Russia), Kim Jong Un (North Korea), and other powerful figures around the world? In what ways, beyond party rhetoric, do we think they will change the course of history? Will the presidency of Donald Trump usher in another era of intolerance and social conflict, or will he actually be able to heal deep wounds in the United States and bring people together? How will his presidency affect where you live? Should we really care about what is happening beyond our own borders, beyond our own communities?

There are a few subjects which seem to strike raw nerves in people. Politics is one of those issues. Everyone is free to read and comment, but there are limits. I firmly believe that we need to respect each other, especially if we disagree with other people. As this is my blog I will delete comments that I believe target others unfairly. This is a discussion blog, not a food fight. Keep it civil and things will be fine.